Current Lab Members

Cy Clemo

Lab Technician

B.S., Environmental Science, University of Virginia

I am broadly interested in benthic ecology and invertebrate biology. I am particularly interested in how the combination of different anthropogenic stressors affects interactions among different types of benthic invertebrates.

Kara Gadeken

Ph.D. Student

B.S., Biology, College of William and Mary

I'm interested in benthic community structure and patterns of biodiversity, specifically the functional composition of infaunal communities and how they respond to environmental change.

Steve Dykstra

Ph.D. Student (co-advised by Brian Dzwonkowski)

M.S., Environmental Science, Taylor University
B.S., Geology, Calvin College

Mysteries of past and present sedimentology drives my research interests in hydrodynamic processes and their effect on the benthic environment. I’m particularly interested in transition zone geomorphology from fluvial environments to deltas, plumes, and deposition.

Ryan Parker

M.S. Student

B.S., Biology, University of Southern Mississippi

I am interested in invertebrate ecology, particularly their responses to the toxins found in oil.

Former Lab Members

Sarah Cole

REU Intern (2015)

Susann Grill

Lab Technician (2014)

Casper Hui

NOAA-NGI Intern (2014)